“Very Pleased” PDI Toledo Reviews

I was very pleased with the services provided by PDI. I was able to schedule my daughter’s MRI appointment sooner than other providers in the area.

Wayne K

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“Scheduling, insurance & everything was so easy” PDI Toledo Reviews

Scheduling was very easy with PDI and I did not wait at all though when I went in for my appointment. I was seen promptly at my appointment time.

Steven M

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“Patel Worked magic on eyes & neck..” Dr. Tarak Patel TruWeb Verified Review

Cosmetic eye surgery patient:”I am thrilled with the results! Dr. Patel worked Magic on my always tired eyes and neck!  I feel so much more able to express myself now.  Dr. Patel is a true artisan and more.”  S. Hogan, Tacoma, WA, July 2019.

“great insight and useful observations” MIke Acker Life Coach TruWeb Review Copy

Mike was quick to provide valuable insight and followed up with a written action plan. He had great insight, useful observations, and a step-by-step implementation plan and coached us through the follow up.

Lee M, CEO of Luminate, Covina California

“goes out of his way for you” MIke Acker Life Coach TruWeb Review

Mike is a very flexible to work with and willing to go out of his way to make sure he is doing everything he can possible do. He is what a life coach should be.

Luke B, Dairy Farm Owner, Wisconsin

“He’s the go to guy and is yet to disappoint” Brian Gomez Elite Legal Marketing

I am confident that Brian’s understanding and network of professionals is unparalleled by any of his competitors. He is my go to guy and he is yet to disappoint.

Scott Lee


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“I Love Taking My Car Here” Courtesy Auto and Tire Center Tacoma WA

I love taking my car here because I know they will take care of it and won’t try to money gouge me. The staff are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Appointment times are honored and they are prompt so you don’t find yourself waiting hours for small fixes. Since they are near the mall you can sit down to a meal at one of the restaurants and, as long as you’re not getting extensive work done, they will have called before you finished. I can’t say enough good things about this place. They have saved me money left and right.

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“No Down Effects” On Tapp Nutrition Reviews

I am a hospitalist doctor taking care of up to 30 plus patients in a given day and need to provide them the most up to date and current treatment as well as be efficient to in order them effective care.  I use to rely on multiple coffee, energy drinks, and 5 hour energy, etc to get the job done, however will feel the “down effects” when the caffeine finally wears off, in addition would often had a difficult time sleeping.  I have been taking “Focus Alert Relaxed” now for couple of weeks and able to do my job with less caffeine needed and thus less jitteriness, less side effects, and able to sleep at night.  If you need to be efficient during the day and still want to sleep at night, I would highly recommend Focused Alert Relaxed by On Tapp Nutrition

Dr. Thomas L. Maglinao, MD Internal Medicine at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu


“Really Like the Environment” Kumon Tacoma Review

I think Kumon has helped me over the two years I’ve been there. The Kumon instructors like Carol Irish are so sweet and I love being part of the Kumon center.

Gabbi B-Student

My teachers are great and kind. I love my Kumon teachers!

Shaina V-student

The instructors are very helpful and understanding.  Kumon has helped me in school and I really like the environment at Kumon where everyone is focused on learning.

Lilo H-student

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